Frequently Asked Questions

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What is BRIDGE?

BRIDGE has been thought of as an open access, horizontally-run website (meaning that there is no leadership, just an administrator) that hopes to bring center stage the question of diaspora as it pertains to Greece, and in its many and manifold historicities, expressions, contingencies, and challenges. It is not limited to the Greek American diaspora, neither is it limited temporally or chronologically, but rather it opens the study of diasporic temporality to include antiquity and diasporic spatiality to include the Greek experience globally, from Australia to Antarctica, from Latin America to Africa, from Europe to the East. We are particularly interested in looking at diasporas that have fallen off the margins, experiences that have eluded the dominant and celebratory narrative that has thus far informed most analyses of Greek diasporic moves. We are paying particular attention to reflections and approaches that consider a wider and broader understanding of diaspora that includes forced exchanges and movements of populations, such as the political refugees of the post- civil war era, the politico-economic migrations of the 1950s, the émigrés of the junta, the forgotten ethnic refugees of Northern Greece.

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